Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Tidewater
John P. Lyle,M.D. , E.M. Gray,M.D., & Carrie Knox, Au.D.      
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PRACTICE CLOSED - We will miss you!

Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Tidewater provided superior otolaryngology care to the patients of Suffolk, VA and the surrounding area for many years.

The practice recently closed following Dr. Lyle's retirement. 

Need Medical Records?
Patients interested in receiving a copy of their medical records can fill out a medical record release in Suite 305 of Obici Medical Office Building (2790 Godwin Blvd).
For any questions you can contact (757)934-4222.

Looking for Hearing and Hearing Aid Services?

Our audiologist, Dr. Carrie Knox, is continuing to serve our patients here in Suffolk!

Her new hearing practice is called Knox Audiology, and is conveniently located at
108 Western Avenue.

You can reach her at (757)774-8801 or via email at info@knoxhearingcare.com.

Visit www.knoxhearingcare.com for more information!




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